Art in the Tropics


Annual Arts Festival, held to promote South Florida Arts and Artists.


Disadvantaged Children's Program

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   Creativity in any form is an expression of emotion. To assist and allow a child to express their feelings in a safe, peaceful and magical way is a benefit to society. For a young one to learn that there are ways to tell the world how you feel without the destructive methods that make headlines every day is a major goal of this project. Thru the visual arts we hope to enliven and educate the targeted children of our community that have been shunted to the side of society, due to their illness, disability, environmental conditions, loss of parental guidance and such.  

One such program that CDG is currently working with is the Gladstone Center for Girls, which is a part of the CHARLEE (Children Have All Rights: Legal, Educational, Emotional)  program. We also assist in the Children's Home Society, Regis House, and the Jackson Children's Hospital "Healing Gardens" project.

  Consultation   The Cultural Development Group (CDG) was founded to provide direction and support in order to develop South Florida as a world-class arts community. To meet our mission, goals, and objectives we provide consultants to assist arts organizations and artists in furthering their own goals. We offer consultation of our members. The areas of administration, grant writing, promotion, event planning and execution, sponsorship development, Internet and computer concepts, graphic design, and printing.
  A. Melvin Morris Starving Artists Fund   As a commitment to artists, CDG is continuing a program started by Rex Artist Supplies founder, Joseph Platt, over 50 years ago. Rex Art has been assisting artists in need with bartering, advances, delayed payment plans, and special pricing. CDG is continuing this program and enhancing it as sponsorship grows. Our intention is not to grant moneys to artists, but assist them in living as artists, to maintain their dignity and integrity. An artist, especially one who practices the Fine Arts, has a difficult road to travel. We hope to be able to make the journey more comfortable for those that are in need.
  Promotion   Part of CDG's mission is to create programming for the public to increase their interaction with, and awareness of the arts through entertainment, exposure, enrichment and education, as well as to identify and provide networking opportunities not only locally, but nationally and internationally. We look to assist artists and arts organizations better show off their positive traits. Our promotion program is designed to help an artist sell and be seen in all media and modes of display— exhibitions, Internet, print and broadcast media at the local, national, and international levels.